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Brock Huard of the FIFA 14 PS3 Coins Seattle

Le 24 décembre 2013, 03:24 dans Humeurs 0

Brock Huard of the FIFA 14 PS3 Coins Seattle Seahawks is the victor of Acclaim's second annual Sports Video Game Challenge. The Seahawk quarterback defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's Shaun King with only eleven seconds left on the clock. Huard was down one point and ended up scoring a touchdown, letting him defeat King's Denver Broncos 36-29. He drove off with the grand prize, a one-year lease on a BMW Z-3 convertible.

"Shaun defeated his other opponents with big comebacks, but this time his luck ran out," said Huard. "I look forward to a rematch on the real gridiron some time in the future."

The Acclaim Sports Video Game Challenge will be featured in an hour-long NFL Players Rookie Premiere television special scheduled for August 10 on the Fox Sports Network.

Eidos announced on Monday that it has extended its licensing agreement with Capcom. The company will now distribute Capcom's fighter Power Stone for the Dreamcast in both the European and Australian markets.


"Capcom enjoys the same excitement as Eidos has for the launch of Dreamcast," said Haruhiro Tsujimoto, executive director of Capcom. "Power Stone is one of the most popular games on the Dreamcast platform. We are looking forward to having more success in European areas in collaboration with Eidos." 

Sony Computer FIFA 14 PS3 Coins Entertainment

Le 23 décembre 2013, 02:37 dans Humeurs 0

Sony Computer FIFA 14 PS3 Coins Entertainment (SCE) announced on Tuesday that the Japanese release of Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec will be delayed. According to the company, the reason for the delay is "to include this year's car models and further improve the quality of our product." The driving simulation game for the PlayStation 2 was scheduled for a February 15 release in Japan, and it has been delayed several times and undergone a number of minor name changes since it was first announced.

Although no official date was announced by SCEI, Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec for the Sony PlayStation 2 could be released in April in Japan. When asked about the North American release, a representative for SCEA said that there is currently no release date set for North America, and a decision regarding a stateside release will be made following the announcement of a firm release date in Japan.

Interplay has released a new batch of screenshots from Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising, its upcoming real-time strategy game. The game is set in the future, after war has been abolished and all the war-production machinery lies at the bottom of the ocean. A group of warlords arises and threatens the peaceful civilization. Players assume control of an old production vessel that has been brought to the surface, and they must build and command military units to stop the warlords. For more information about the game, take a look at our collection of movies and screenshots.                                                                                           

Battlecrusier Millennium is the FIFA 14 PS3 Coins latest

Le 21 décembre 2013, 02:31 dans Humeurs 0


Today Electronics Boutique announced that 3000AD's latest space combat sim, Battlecruiser Millennium, has gone gold and will soon be available. The company is the exclusive retailer for the first three months of the game's release.


Battlecrusier Millennium is the FIFA 14 PS3 Coins latest game in 3000AD's Battlecruiser space combat sim series. It features a number of improvements, including enhanced AI, graphics, and sound effects. The game will be available in Electronics Boutique's online and retail Fifacoinsbox stores next month for an approximate retail price of $49.99


Previous Wario games have been so successful on the Game Boy Color that Nintendo has never felt the need to give Mario's archnemesis his own 3D game. Considering how impressive past Wario games have been, this strategy has yet to meet with complaints. Now that Nintendo has sent the Game Boy Color out to pasture, it has decided to continue the series in 2D on its newest handheld platform, the Game Boy Advance. Wario Land 4, the latest game in the series, was recently released in Japan. And after we played it incessantly for weeks, it's apparent that Nintendo hasn't lost the ability to design and develop a quality 2D platformer in the era of 3D games.

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